• Nice and calm bay. Most of the boats choose this bay to go out to open sea. 
Entrance fee for National Ballena Marine Park US $ 6 
Please keep your ticket, because it allows you to visit all the other different beaches part of Ballena Marine Park on the same day.
How to get there: Drive 2,5 km north (left when you leave the Hotel) and you will see a sign Playa Piñuelas. Go left downhill and you can park your car just in front of the beach.
Info: Playa Piñuelas is named after a small palm found in this region and Playa Piñuelas marks the first beach inside the National Park of Ballena
There is little sand on this pebble beach but it does offer plenty of shade and adequate parking overlooking the beach Playa Piñuelas is also a safe beach for swimming.
Fisherman often use this beach to bring their boats in and are generally seen to the far south of the beach near the rocks.



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