Boruca is an indigenous tribe in South-Pacific Costa Rica, located among the Talamanca Mountains 20 km from Panama, a 1 hour and a half drive south of Hotel Villas Gaia
The Boruca tribe is estimated to have around 2,000 members and is located on an indigenous reserve, where about 140 km² of land are protected for their use. According to Costa Rican law, tribes on the reservation land, like Boruca, have the right to self-governance.
Boruca (also called Brunca, Brunka or Borunca) are a proud indigenous people of Costa Rica. Their striking, hand-carved Boruca masks are so popular that imitations are sold throughout the Central American country. But the indigenous culture is more than a mask. Boruca is built on faith in the wisdom of elders and the Boruca legends they tell, passed down for centuries. The identity of Boruca reflects a deep respect for the stories told the nature that surrounds them, and the community they share.
The Boruca people are very proud to have survived the struggles between the native tribes and Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s with their village and sense of identity intact. While many indigenous tribes consider themselves to have been defeated by the Spanish, Boruca demonstrates that a tribe cannot be defeated if its culture is still alive today. 
The Boruca Indians visit Hotel Villas Gaia often to show their art, ask the reception their next visit.