The Stone spheres in Osa have become a striking element that identifies the communities of Palmar North and South, as well as other former banana farms and villages that lie across the South Waterfront.

Their almost perfect roundness generates a lot of curiosity and questions among those who approach to see them, about the way they were made, which tools were used, where the materials were obtained, and what was the symbolism for those who made them.

These artifacts have been in these places ever since immemorial times. Their rediscovery and dispersion surfaced after the banana company’s machinery removed them from their original places, which at the same time compromised the possibility of finding a better scientific explanation than those that currently provide multiple theories regarding their process of fabrication and their functionality.

There has been so much attraction from the tourists and national and international scientists that they have become an icon of the Costa Rican archaeology and cultural heritage of the canton of Osa element.

According to some accounts given by archaeologists who have discussed the issue of the spheres in the area, these impressive pre-Columbian legacies have the particularity of having been manufactured to meet very specific functions within ancestral societies which used them, which could have been, among other things, possible demarcations and / or status symbols of power between these groups.

The sizes of these spheres so far identified in the canton of Osa range between a few centimeters to two meters high, and although most of them are not in their original place, the residents of this county feel identified with them and defend them against attempts to plunder the area which some of them have been subject to.

One of the most representative places of these emblematic round stones is Finca 6 in Palmar South. In this place, a large number of these spheres have been identified, and some supposedly on spot, which enhances the importance of this place for scientists who are involved in this specially.

These spheres are characterized by being associated with rivers and large concourses, so the theory that they were uses as identification of symbols to places of great interest groups in pre-Columbian societies goes on.

You can visit finca 6 in Sierpe (the museum) or just look for them in the Park in Palmar Sur or at the entrance of the municipality in Cortes.

All sites between 20 and 35 minutes from Hotel Villas Gaia going south