The National Park Corcovado, southeast at the Osa Peninsula, is one of the most bio diverse regions of Costa Rica. The Park is home of the largest population of Scarlet macaws in the country and protects more than 500 species of trees (representing 25% of all tree species in Costa Rica), among which the biggest tree in the country; a "ceibo" higher then 200 feet. Furthermore the park is inhabited by 140 species of mammals, 367 species of birds, 117 amphibians and reptiles, 40 species of fish and approximately 6000 different kinds of insects. Some of the species threatened by extinction which live here are the Danta, the giant Ant Eater and the six species of wild cats, which are the Puma, the Jaguarundi, the ocelot, the margay, the "Tigrillo" and the Jaguar.

Full day Tour Hiking Corcovado National Park 

Price US $ 110 per person.
Departure time Villas Gaia: 6.45 AM
You are being picked up at the hotel with a microbus.
From the beginning of this tour you are being taken to the world of Pura Vida. During the bus trip you will pass the typical houses of the formal workers of the banana plantation, the African Palm oil, the famous round stones or spheres that are over 2000 year old (Palmar Sur) and much more.
After a 45 minute bus trip you will arrive in Sierpe.
Then a boat ride of 45 minutes straight through the Mangroves on the Rio Sierpe. With the good eyes of the guides you will be able to see lots of animals; snakes, Caymans, monkeys, birds etc. After the river mouth of the Rio Sierpe you continue another 45 minutes on the ocean where you will have a scenic view of Isla Violines, Drake Bay and chances to spot whales and dolphins.
At 10.00 o’clock is the arrival at the Corcovado Park. Palmtrees, vulcanic rocks and a nice sandy beach are the ingredients of the San Pedrillo Ranger Station where you arrive.
The guide will try to spot the 4 different of monkeys: Howler, spider, squirl and white face monkey. You will be able to spot lots of birds and at the “Almendra trees” you will find the scarlet macaws eating. After a 3-4 hours hike you will be back at the San Pedrillo Ranger Station for a lunch at the beach.
After lunch it will be time to head back to Sierpe by boat and then by microbus back to the hotel. Arrival at  HotelVillas Gaia around 5 PM.
Price includes bus and boat transportation, Park entrance, bilingual guide, lunch. Breakfast is not included. Leaving at 7 AM from the hotel.
Drive with your own vehicle to Sierpe and back and save U$ 15 per person on the tour price. Children under 12 half price.


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