Quesadillas ¢ 2900
Spicy strips of chicken combined with mozzarella and sweet corn in a flour

tortilla, served with a homemade salsa


Guacamole ¢ 3950
Fresh avocado dip flavored with sour cream and lime juice, served with a spicy tomato salsa and homemade tortilla chips


Shrimp Cocktail ¢ 4500 (small) ¢ 6500 (big.)
Shrimps cooked in coconut milk and combined with avocado on top of a salad of mixed leaves and red onion rings

Ensalada Fiesta ¢ 2900
Palm hearts combined with red onions and avocado in a tasty dressing. Served on a bed of lettuce

Mixed Salad ¢ 2500
A mixed salad of fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion

Tortilla Soup ¢ 3500
A light Mexican tomato soup served with avocado, tortilla chips, red onion, bell peppers and sour cream

Fish soup ¢ 4500

A tasty fish soup, served with rice on the side

Sandwich Energy Verde ¢ 3750

A surprising combination of garlic cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado and chili marmalade

Sandwich Chicken salad ¢ 3500
A chicken salad made with a light mayonnaise dressing on a bed of mixed leave

Hamburger ¢ 4300
A homemade burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, served with French fries


Side Orders

  • French baguette and butter ¢ 1200
  • French baguette with pesto and garlic ¢ 1800
  • French fries ¢ 2100




Casado Gaia ¢ 4500
Typical dish of rice and beans, with fried plantains, homemade tortillas and Picadillo (a Costa Rican vegetable dish) served with your choice of:
• A hearty meat stew or • Avocado dip.


Arroz con Pollo ¢ 4500
Typical dish of fried rice and chicken, served with French fries and salad


Cannelloni de Spinach & Cheese ¢ 4800

Spinach and cheese cannelloni covered in our homemade tomato sauce and served with a salad


Spaghetti con camarones al ajillo ¢ 5600

A light pasta dish with shrimps and a touch of chili sautéed with fresh garlic, white wine and ginger


Lomito en Salsa de Hongos ¢ 7500

Grilled beef tenderloin served with potato puree, vegetables and a mushroom sauce.


Al Ajillo ¢ 4900 / ¢ 6500*

A choice of local fish fillet or shrimp (*) pan-fried in garlic and parsley butter, served with rice and vegetables.


Thai Curry ¢ 6200 / ¢ 7500*

Fish Fillet (and shrimp *) served with a lightly spiced curry sauce of fresh home-grown lemongrass, fresh ginger and coconut milk, accompanied with rice and vegetables.


Pescado Macadamia ¢ 6200

Red Snapper Fish fillets in a macadamia nut crust with a light citrus sauce, served with rice and vegetables.


Plato de Pargo y Camarones al horno ¢ 7800

A tasty combination of fish and shrimp baked with avocado slices, cheese, fresh herbs and a touch of cream, served with potato puree and vegetables.


Pollo a la piña ¢ 4900

Chicken Breasts marinated in lime juice and coriander, pan-fried and served with grilled pineapple slices and drizzled with a coconut-chili sauce.

Served with rice and vegetables


Pollo Pura Vida ¢ 4900

A tender chicken fillet, pan-fried in a creamy curry sauce with bell peppers, onions and potatoes


Enchiladas ¢ 5500

Lightly grilled eggplant (Aubergine) with almonds and cheese, combined with a Mexican tomato sauce in a flour tortilla, served with salad


Children's menu - ¢ 3.500 including dessert


 -Spaghetti with tomato sauce / Bolognese / butter & cheese

- Homemade chicken nuggets with a colorful salad or French fries

 -Fish nuggets served with a colorful salad or French fries

                         -Ice cream (1 scoop) with chocolate sauce

                         -Fruit salad




Helado Trópico ¢ 1950

A selection of fresh tropical fruits, served with ice cream


Budin de Banano* ¢ 1950

A sticky moist banana cake served with our special caramel and rum sauce.


Piña a la Parrilla* ¢ 1950

Juicy pineapple wedges drizzled with Rum and coconut.


Volcado de Mango y Banana* ¢ 1950

A moist sponge upside down cake topped with caramelized mango and banana slices


Queque de Chocolate* ¢ 2150

A luscious dark chocolate cake served with fresh fruit


*served with ice cream ¢ 750